Alex Hayes provides her clients with over 15 years of impeccable customer service, project management, marketing, and sales negotiation skills. Prior to launching her career in real estate, Alex managed sales and event planning for both corporate and private clients located in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Paris, Washington D.C., & Seattle.

Committed to excellence, customer service and professionalism for over 25 years in the business world, Alex understands the challenges, emotions and successes involved in finding her clients' dream homes. She is dedicated to bringing positive results by creatively collaborating with her clients to achieve their goals no matter how lofty; Alex is a resourceful visionary always anticipating the details and her clients' needs. Managing events and overseeing staff has been rewarding as Alex combined her love of working with people with her passion for traveling (extensively throughout the United States, Europe & Northern Africa). Born in North Carolina, Alex exudes warmth, enthusiasm and a willingness to work tenaciously to advocate on her clients' behalf. Combining hospitality and sales management while anticipating the needs of her clients, has prepared Alex for the challenging yet exciting world of luxury real estate.